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Descriptor English:   Incidental Findings 
Descriptor Spanish:   Hallazgos Incidentales 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Achados Incidentais 
Synonyms English:   Discoveries, Incidental
Discovery, Incidental
Finding, Incidental
Findings, Incidental
Incidental Discoveries
Incidental Discovery
Incidental Finding  
Tree Number:   E01.410
Definition English:   Unanticipated information discovered in the course of testing or medical care. Used in discussions of information that may have social or psychological consequences, such as when it is learned that a child's biological father is someone other than the putative father, or that a person tested for one disease or disorder has, or is at risk for, something else. 
Indexing Annotation English:   HUMAN only
History Note English:   2003 
Record Number:   37554 
Unique Identifier:   D033162 

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