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Descriptor English:   Lectins, C-Type 
Descriptor Spanish:   Lectinas Tipo C 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Lectinas Tipo C 
Synonyms English:   C Type Lectin
C Type Lectins
C-Type Lectin
C-Type Lectin Receptors
C-Type Lectins
Lectin Receptors, C-Type
Lectin, C Type
Lectin, C-Type
Lectins, C Type
Receptors, C Type Lectin
Receptors, C-Type Lectin  
Tree Number:   D12.776.503.280
Definition English:   A class of animal lectins that bind to carbohydrate in a calcium-dependent manner. They share a common carbohydrate-binding domain that is structurally distinct from other classes of lectins. 
History Note English:   2003; use LECTINS, C-TYPE (NM) 1997-2002 
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