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Descriptor English:   Microscopy 
Descriptor Spanish:   Microscopía 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Microscopia 
Synonyms English:   Compound Microscopy
Hand Held Microscopy
Hand-Held Microscopy
Light Microscopy
Microscopy, Compound
Microscopy, Hand-Held
Microscopy, Light
Microscopy, Optical
Microscopy, Simple
Optical Microscopy
Simple Microscopy  
Tree Number:   E01.370.350.515
Definition English:   The use of instrumentation and techniques for visualizing material and details that cannot be seen by the unaided eye. It is usually done by enlarging images, transmitted by light or electron beams, with optical or magnetic lenses that magnify the entire image field. With scanning microscopy, images are generated by collecting output from the specimen in a point-by-point fashion, on a magnified scale, as it is scanned by a narrow beam of light or electrons, a laser, a conductive probe, or a topographical probe. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not index here routinely for histol & cytol studies: Manual 26.12+
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