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Descriptor English:   Microscopy, Atomic Force 
Descriptor Spanish:   Microscopía de Fuerza Atómica 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Microscopia de Força Atômica 
Synonyms English:   Atomic Force Microscopies
Atomic Force Microscopy
Force Microscopies
Force Microscopies, Scanning
Force Microscopy
Force Microscopy, Scanning
Microscopies, Atomic Force
Microscopies, Force
Microscopies, Scanning Force
Microscopy, Force
Microscopy, Scanning Force
Scanning Force Microscopies
Scanning Force Microscopy  
Tree Number:   E01.370.350.515.666.400
Definition English:   A type of scanning probe microscopy in which a probe systematically rides across the surface of a sample being scanned in a raster pattern. The vertical position is recorded as a spring attached to the probe rises and falls in response to peaks and valleys on the surface. These deflections produce a topographic map of the sample. 
See Related English:   Microscopy, Scanning Tunneling
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