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Descriptor English:   Mind-Body Therapies 
Descriptor Spanish:   Terapias Mente-Cuerpo 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Terapias Mente-Corpo 
Synonyms English:   Mind Body Medicine
Mind Body Therapies
Mind-Body Medicine
Mind-Body Therapy
Therapies, Mind-Body
Therapy, Mind-Body  
Tree Number:   E02.190.525
Definition English:   Treatment methods or techniques which are based on the knowledge of mind and body interactions. These techniques can be used to reduce the feeling of tension and effect of stress, and to enhance the physiological and psychological well-being of an individual. 
Indexing Annotation English:   general or unspecified; prefer specifics
See Related English:   Behavior Therapy
Spiritual Therapies
History Note English:   2009 (2002); for RELAXATION TECHNIQUES use MUSCULAR RELAXATION TECHNIQUES 1991-2008, use RELAXATION TECHNIQUES 1976-1990 
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