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Descriptor English:   Molecular Conformation 
Descriptor Spanish:   Conformación Molecular 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Conformação Molecular 
Synonyms English:   3D Molecular Structure
3D Molecular Structures
Configuration, Molecular
Configurations, Molecular
Conformation, Molecular
Conformations, Molecular
Molecular Configuration
Molecular Configurations
Molecular Conformations
Molecular Structure, 3D
Molecular Structure, Three Dimensional
Molecular Structures, 3D
Structure, 3D Molecular
Structures, 3D Molecular
Three Dimensional Molecular Structure  
Tree Number:   G02.111.570.820
Definition English:   The characteristic three-dimensional shape of a molecule. 
Indexing Annotation English:   general or unspecified; prefer specifics; do not confuse with MOLECULAR STRUCTURE
See Related English:   Models, Molecular
History Note English:   73 
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Record Number:   9156 
Unique Identifier:   D008968 

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