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Descriptor English:   Neurologic Manifestations 
Descriptor Spanish:   Manifestaciones Neurológicas 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Manifestações Neurológicas 
Synonyms English:   Deficit, Focal Neurologic
Deficit, Neurologic
Deficits, Focal Neurologic
Deficits, Neurologic
Dysfunction, Neurologic
Dysfunctions, Neurologic
Finding, Neurologic
Findings, Neurologic
Focal Neurologic Deficit
Focal Neurologic Deficits
Manifestation, Neurologic
Manifestation, Neurological
Manifestations, Neurologic
Manifestations, Neurological
Neurologic Deficit
Neurologic Deficit, Focal
Neurologic Deficits
Neurologic Deficits, Focal
Neurologic Dysfunction
Neurologic Dysfunctions
Neurologic Finding
Neurologic Findings
Neurologic Manifestation
Neurologic Sign
Neurologic Signs
Neurologic Signs and Symptoms
Neurologic Symptom
Neurologic Symptoms
Neurological Manifestation
Neurological Manifestations
Sign, Neurologic
Signs, Neurologic
Symptom, Neurologic
Symptoms, Neurologic  
Tree Number:   C10.597
Definition English:   Clinical signs and symptoms caused by nervous system injury or dysfunction. 
Indexing Annotation English:   not used for indexing since 1989; prior to 1989 used for neurol manifest of non-neural diseases
Record Number:   9653 
Unique Identifier:   D009461 

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