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Descriptor English:   Plant Creams 
Descriptor Spanish:   Cremas Vegetales 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Cremes Vegetais 
Synonyms English:   Cream of Herbs
Herb Cream
Herb Creams
Herbal Cream
Herbal Creams
Legume Creams
Legume Purees
Plant Purees
Vegetable Cream
Vegetable Creams
Vegetable Purees  
Tree Number:   VS2.
Definition English:   Water/oil food in the form of cream or liquid plastic emulsion, produced from oils and/or edible vegetable fats, water and other ingredients, containing no more than 95 percent (w/w) and at least 10 per percent (w/w) total lipid. 
Record Number:   51367 
Unique Identifier:   DDCS051367 

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