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Descriptor English:   Plant Lectins 
Descriptor Spanish:   Lectinas de Plantas 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Lectinas de Plantas 
Synonyms English:   Agglutinins, Plant
Hemagglutinins, Plant
Lectins, Plant
Plant Agglutinins
Plant Hemagglutinins  
Tree Number:   D12.776.503.499
Definition English:   Protein or glycoprotein substances of plant origin that bind to sugar moieties in cell walls or membranes. Some carbohydrate-metabolizing proteins (ENZYMES) from PLANTS also bind to carbohydrates, however they are not considered lectins. Many plant lectins change the physiology of the membrane of BLOOD CELLS to cause agglutination, mitosis, or other biochemical changes. They may play a role in plant defense mechanisms. 
History Note English:   2003; use LECTINS 1979-2002 
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