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Descriptor English:   Plant Tumors 
Descriptor Spanish:   Tumores de Planta 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Tumores de Planta 
Synonyms English:   Crown Gall
Crown Galls
Gall, Crown
Gall, Plant
Galls, Crown
Galls, Plant
Plant Gall
Plant Galls
Plant Tumor
Tumor, Plant
Tumors, Plant  
Tree Number:   G15.610.700
Definition English:   A localized proliferation of plant tissue forming a swelling or outgrowth, commonly with a characteristic shape and unlike any organ of the normal plant. Plant tumors or galls usually form in response to the action of a pathogen or a pest. (Holliday, P., A Dictionary of Plant Pathology, 1989, p330) 
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Unique Identifier:   D010941 

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