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Descriptor English:   Poly-ADP-Ribose Binding Motif 
Descriptor Spanish:   Motivo de Unión a Poli-ADP-Ribosa 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Motivo de Ligação a Poli-ADP-Ribose 
Synonyms English:   Binding Motif, Poly-ADP-Ribose
Binding Motifs, Poly-ADP-Ribose
Motif, Poly-ADP-Ribose Binding
Motif, pADPr-Binding
Motifs, Poly-ADP-Ribose Binding
Motifs, pADPr-Binding
Poly ADP Ribose Binding Module
Poly ADP Ribose Binding Modules
Poly ADP Ribose Binding Motif
Poly ADP Ribose Binding Motifs
Poly-ADP Ribose Binding Module
Poly-ADP Ribose Binding Modules
Poly-ADP-Ribose Binding Motifs
pADPr Binding Motif
pADPr Binding Motifs
pADPr-Binding Motif
pADPr-Binding Motifs  
Tree Number:   G02.111.570.820.709.275.500.695
Definition English:   A protein motif 22 to 26 amino acids in length that binds POLY(ADP RIBOSE) polymers through non-covalent interactions. It is characterized by basic and hydrophobic residues that frequently include ALANINE; VALINE; ISOLEUCINE; or LEUCINE and flank LYSINE and ARGININE amino acids. 
History Note English:   2018 
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