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Descriptor English:   Protein Conformation, alpha-Helical 
Descriptor Spanish:   Conformación Proteica en Hélice alfa 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Conformação Proteica em alfa-Hélice 
Synonyms English:   Conformation, Protein alpha-Helical
Conformation, alpha-Helical Protein
Conformations, Protein alpha-Helical
Conformations, alpha-Helical Protein
Protein Conformation, alpha Helical
Protein Conformations, alpha-Helical
alpha Helical Conformation, Protein
alpha Helical Protein Conformation
alpha Helical Structures
alpha Helices
alpha Helix
alpha-Helical Conformation, Protein
alpha-Helical Conformations, Protein
alpha-Helical Protein Conformation
alpha-Helical Protein Conformations
alpha-Helical Structure
alpha-Helical Structures
Tree Number:   G02.111.570.820.709.600.020
Definition English:   A secondary structure of proteins that is a right-handed helix or coil, where each amino (N-H) group of the peptide backbone contributes a hydrogen bond to the carbonyl(C=O) group of the amino acid four residues N-terminal to it (n-4). It is the most common type of secondary structure. 
Indexing Annotation English:   IM general only; coordinate NIM with specific protein
History Note English:   2017; use PROTEIN STRUCTURE, SECONDARY 1992-2016 
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