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Descriptor English:   RNA Stability 
Descriptor Spanish:   Estabilidad del ARN 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Estabilidade de RNA 
Synonyms English:   Decay, RNA
Decay, mRNA
Degradation, RNA
Degradation, mRNA
Degradation, mRNA Transcript
Instability, RNA
Instability, mRNA
RNA Decay
RNA Degradation
RNA Instability
Stability, RNA
Stability, mRNA
Transcript Degradation, mRNA
mRNA Decay
mRNA Degradation
mRNA Instability
mRNA Stability
mRNA Transcript Degradation  
Tree Number:   G02.111.780
Definition English:   The extent to which an RNA molecule retains its structural integrity and resists degradation by RNASE, and base-catalyzed HYDROLYSIS, under changing in vivo or in vitro conditions. 
Indexing Annotation English:   coordinate with specific RNA if pertinent
See Related English:   Nucleic Acid Denaturation
RNA Cleavage
History Note English:   2000 
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