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Descriptor English:   RNAi Therapeutics 
Descriptor Spanish:   Tratamiento con ARN de Interferencia 
Descriptor Portuguese:   TerapÍutica com RNAi 
Synonyms English:   RNAi Based Therapy
RNAi Therapies
RNAi Therapy
RNAi-Based Therapeutics
RNAi-Based Therapies
RNAi-Based Therapy
Therapies, RNAi
Therapies, RNAi-Based
Therapy, RNAi
Therapy, RNAi-Based  
Tree Number:   E02.095.301.250
Definition English:   A form of disease treatment which involves the silencing of genes that are associated with a disease by the process of RNA INTERFERENCE. 
See Related English:   Gene Expression Regulation
History Note English:   2016 
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