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Descriptor English:   Radiation, Nonionizing 
Descriptor Spanish:   Radiación no Ionizante 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Radiação não Ionizante 
Synonyms English:   Non Ionizing Radiation
Non-Ionizing Radiation
Non-Ionizing Radiations
Nonionizing Radiation
Nonionizing Radiations
Radiation, Non-Ionizing
Radiations, Non-Ionizing
Radiations, Nonionizing  
Tree Number:   G01.750.770
Definition English:   ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION or sonic radiation (SOUND WAVES) which does not produce IONS in matter through which it passes. The wavelengths of non-ionizing electromagentic radiation are generally longer than those of far ultraviolet radiation and range through the longest RADIO WAVES. 
Indexing Annotation English:   policy: Manual 19.8.60, 21.16, 28.11.1; /adv eff = RADIATION INJURIES but see note there
History Note English:   76; was NON MESH before 1976 
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AE adverse effects CL classification
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Unique Identifier:   D011840 

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