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Descriptor English:   Receptors, Death Domain 
Descriptor Spanish:   Receptores de Muerte Celular 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Receptores de Morte Celular 
Synonyms English:   DR Family Receptors
Death Domain Receptors
Death Receptors
Receptors, DR Family
Receptors, Death Domain Family  
Tree Number:   D12.776.543.750.690
Definition English:   A family of cell surface receptors that signal via a conserved domain that extends into the cell CYTOPLASM. The conserved domain is referred to as a DEATH DOMAIN due to the fact that many of these receptors are involved in APOPTOSIS signaling pathways. Several DEATH DOMAIN RECEPTOR SIGNALING ADAPTOR PROTEINS can bind to the death domains of the activated receptors and through a complex series of interactions activate apoptotic mediators such as CASPASES. 
See Related English:   Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor
History Note English:   2007 
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