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Descriptor English:   Scientific Experimental Error 
Descriptor Spanish:   Error Experimental 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Erro Experimental 
Synonyms English:   Error, Experimental
Error, Research
Error, Scientific
Error, Scientific Experimental
Errors, Experimental
Errors, Research
Errors, Scientific
Errors, Scientific Experimental
Experimental Error
Experimental Error, Scientific
Experimental Errors
Experimental Errors, Scientific
Experimental Mistake
Experimental Mistakes
Mistake, Experimental
Mistake, Scientific
Mistakes, Experimental
Mistakes, Scientific
Research Error
Research Errors
Scientific Error
Scientific Errors
Scientific Experimental Errors
Scientific Mistake
Scientific Mistakes  
Tree Number:   E05.318.370.725.250.500
Definition English:   Deviation or aberration in the practical implementation of standard empirical procedures, distinct from MEDICAL ERRORS and SCIENTIFIC MISCONDUCT. 
Indexing Annotation English:   for intentional falsification of scientific data, use SCIENTIFIC MISCONDUCT
See Related English:   Quality Control
Scientific Misconduct
History Note English:   2018 
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Record Number:   57207 
Unique Identifier:   D000073886 

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