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Descriptor English:   Scyphozoa 
Descriptor Spanish:   Escifozoos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Cifozoários 
Synonyms English:   Aurelia aurita
Aurelia auritas
Chrysaora fuscescen
Chrysaora fuscescens
Jellies, Moon
Jelly, Moon
Jellyfish, Moon
Jellyfish, True
Jellyfishs, Moon
Jellyfishs, True
Moon Jellies
Moon Jelly
Moon Jellyfish
Moon Jellyfishs
Nettle, Pacific Sea
Nettles, Pacific Sea
Pacific Sea Nettle
Pacific Sea Nettles
Sea Nettle, Pacific
Sea Nettle, West Coast
Sea Nettles, Pacific
True Jellyfish
True Jellyfishs
auritas, Aurelia
fuscescens, Chrysaora  
Tree Number:   B01.050.500.308.690
Definition English:   The class of true jellyfish, in the phylum CNIDARIA. They are mostly free-swimming marine organisms that go through five stages in their life cycle and exhibit two body forms: polyp and medusa. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse the genus Aurelia with the species Paramecium aurelia
History Note English:   2003 
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