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Descriptor English:   Solid Waste 
Descriptor Spanish:   Residuos Sólidos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Resíduos Sólidos 
Synonyms English:   Junk (Solid Waste)
Solid Wastes
Waste, Solid
Wastes, Solid  
Tree Number:   D20.944.730
Definition English:   Garbage, refuse, or sludge, or other discarded materials from a wastewater treatment plant, water supply treatment plant, and air pollution control facility that include solid, semi-solid, or contained material. It does not include materials dissolved in domestic sewage, irrigation return flows, or industrial discharges. 
See Related English:   Refuse Disposal
Solid Waste Characteristics
Solid Waste Use
Solid Waste Volume
Urban Cleaning
History Note English:   2013 
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