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Descriptor English:   Spheroids, Cellular 
Descriptor Spanish:   Esferoides Celulares 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Esferoides Celulares 
Synonyms English:   Cellular Spheroid
Cellular Spheroids
Multicellular Spheroid
Multicellular Spheroids
Spheroid, Cellular
Spheroid, Multicellular
Spheroids, Multicellular  
Tree Number:   A11.251.800
Definition English:   Spherical, heterogeneous aggregates of proliferating, quiescent, and necrotic cells in culture that retain three-dimensional architecture and tissue-specific functions. The ability to form spheroids is a characteristic trait of CULTURED TUMOR CELLS derived from solid TUMORS. Cells from normal tissues can also form spheroids. They represent an in-vitro model for studies of the biology of both normal and malignant cells. (From Bjerkvig, Spheroid Culture in Cancer Research, 1992, p4) 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse with "spheroid bodies" referring to axons in neuropathol; if tumor spheroids coordinate with TUMOR CELLS, CULTURED
History Note English:   2004(1996) 
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