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Descriptor English:   Systems Analysis 
Descriptor Spanish:   Análisis de Sistemas 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Análise de Sistemas 
Synonyms English:   Agent Based Modeling
Agent-Based Modeling
Agent-Based Modelings
Analyses, Complexity
Analyses, System Dynamics
Analyses, Systems
Analysis, Complexity
Analysis, System Dynamics
Analysis, Systems
Approach, Systems
Approach, Systems Oriented
Approachs, Systems
Approachs, Systems Oriented
Complexity Analyses
Complexity Analysis
Dynamics Analyses, System
Dynamics Analysis, System
Medicine, Systems
Medicines, Systems
Modeling, Agent-Based
Modelings, Agent-Based
System Dynamics Analyses
System Dynamics Analysis
Systems Analyses
Systems Approach
Systems Approachs
Systems Medicine
Systems Medicines
Systems Oriented Approach
Systems Oriented Approachs
Systems Thinking
Systems Thinkings
Thinking, Systems
Thinkings, Systems  
Tree Number:   L01.906
Definition English:   The analysis of an activity, procedure, method, technique, or business to determine what must be accomplished and how the necessary operations may best be accomplished. 
See Related English:   Task Performance and Analysis
History Note English:   66(65); was see under HUMAN ENGINEERING 1963-65 
Record Number:   13980 
Unique Identifier:   D013597 

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