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Descriptor English:   Trichechus manatus 
Descriptor Spanish:   Trichechus manatus 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Trichechus manatus 
Synonyms English:   Caribbean Manatee
Caribbean Manatees
Florida Manatee
Florida Manatees
Indian Manatee, West
Indian Manatees, West
Manatee, Caribbean
Manatee, Florida
Manatee, West Indian
Manatees, Caribbean
Manatees, Florida
Manatees, West Indian
West Indian Manatee
West Indian Manatees  
Tree Number:   B01.050.150.900.649.313.998.750.500
Definition English:   Member of the genus Trichechus inhabiting the coast and coastal rivers of the southeastern United States as well as the West Indies and the adjacent mainland from Vera Cruz, Mexico to northern South America. (From Scott, Concise Encyclopedia Biology, 1996) 
History Note English:   99 
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