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Descriptor English:   bcl-2-Associated X Protein 
Descriptor Spanish:   Proteína X Asociada a bcl-2 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Proteína X Associada a bcl-2 
Synonyms English:   Bax Apoptosis Regulator Protein
Bax Protein
Bax alpha Protein
Bax beta Protein
Bax delta Protein
Bax omega Protein
Bax sigma Protein
Bax-alpha Protein
Bax-beta Protein
Bax-delta Protein
Bax-omega Protein
Bax-sigma Protein
Protein, bcl-2-Associated X
X Protein, bcl-2-Associated
bcl 2 Associated X Protein
bcl2 Associated X Protein
bcl2 Associated X Protein Isoform alpha
bcl2 Associated X Protein Isoform beta
bcl2 Associated X Protein Isoform delta
bcl2 Associated X Protein Isoform omega
bcl2 Associated X Protein Isoform sigma
bcl2-Associated X Protein
bcl2-Associated X Protein Isoform alpha
bcl2-Associated X Protein Isoform beta
bcl2-Associated X Protein Isoform delta
bcl2-Associated X Protein Isoform omega
bcl2-Associated X Protein Isoform sigma  
Tree Number:   D12.644.360.075.718.400
Definition English:   A member of the Bcl-2 protein family and homologous partner of C-BCL-2 PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEIN. It regulates the release of CYTOCHROME C and APOPTOSIS INDUCING FACTOR from the MITOCHONDRIA. Several isoforms of BCL2-associated X protein occur due to ALTERNATIVE SPLICING of the mRNA for this protein. 
Indexing Annotation English:   Don't confuse with the closely related BCL-X PROTEIN
History Note English:   2006(1993) 
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Unique Identifier:   D051028 

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