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Descritor Inglês:   Materia Medica 
Descritor Espanhol:   Materia Medica 
Descritor Português:   Materia Medica 
Sinônimos Inglês:   Homeopathic Remedies
Medica, Materia
Remedies, Homeopathic  
Categoria:   D26.526
Definição Inglês:   Materials or substances used in the composition of traditional medical remedies. The use of this term in MeSH was formerly restricted to historical articles or those concerned with traditional medicine, but it can also refer to homeopathic remedies. Nosodes are specific types of homeopathic remedies prepared from causal agents or disease products. 
Nota de Indexação Inglês:   prefer the more specific PHYTOTHERAPY or HOMEOPATHY; coord IM with specific substance IM; for use in therapy coord /ther use (IM) with substance /ther use (IM) if permitted + disease /*drug ther (IM); do not capitalize Chinese names of various substances in titles or translations
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AD administration & dosage AE adverse effects
AN analysis CS chemical synthesis
CH chemistry CL classification
EC economics HI history
IP isolation & purification ME metabolism
PK pharmacokinetics PD pharmacology
PO poisoning RE radiation effects
ST standards SD supply & distribution
TU therapeutic use TO toxicity
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