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Descritor Inglês:   Retroviridae 
Descritor Espanhol:   Retroviridae 
Descritor Português:   Retroviridae 
Sinônimos Inglês:   C Oncovirus, Type
C Oncoviruses, Type
Leukemogenic Virus
Leukemogenic Viruses
Oncovirus, Type C
Oncoviruses, Type C
RNA Tumor Virus
RNA Tumor Viruses
Tumor Virus, RNA
Tumor Viruses, RNA
Type C Oncovirus
Type C Oncoviruses
Virus, Leukemogenic
Virus, RNA Tumor
Viruses, Leukemogenic
Viruses, RNA Tumor  
Categoria:   B04.613.807
Definição Inglês:   Family of RNA viruses that infects birds and mammals and encodes the enzyme reverse transcriptase. The family contains seven genera: DELTARETROVIRUS; LENTIVIRUS; RETROVIRUSES TYPE B, MAMMALIAN; ALPHARETROVIRUS; GAMMARETROVIRUS; RETROVIRUSES TYPE D; and SPUMAVIRUS. A key feature of retrovirus biology is the synthesis of a DNA copy of the genome which is integrated into cellular DNA. After integration it is sometimes not expressed but maintained in a latent state (PROVIRUSES). 
Nota de Indexação Inglês:   infection = RETROVIRIDAE INFECTIONS; if discussed as tumor viruses, add TUMOR VIRUS INFECTIONS (IM); antiretroviral agents is likely to be ANTI-HIV AGENTS, otherwise index under ANTIVIRAL AGENTS
Nota Histórica Inglês:   81; was LEUKOVIRUSES 1978-80; was LEUKEMOGENIC VIRUSES 1966-77; RETROVIRUSES, MLV-RELATED was heading 1994-96; ONCOVIRINAE was heading 1992-93, was see RETROVIRIDAE 1991; MURINE LEUKEMIA VIRUS-RELATED RETROVIRUSES & RETROVIRUSES, MURINE LEUKEMIA VIRUS-RELATED were see RETROVIRUSES, MLV-RELATED 1994-96; ONCOVIRUSES was see ONCOVIRINAE 1992-93, was see RETROVIRIDAE 1981-91; RNA TUMOR VIRUSES was see ONCOVIRINAE 1992-3, was see RETROVIRIDAE 1978-91; ONCORNAVIRUSES was see ONCOVIRINAE 1992-93, was see RETROVIRIDAE 1981-91, was see LEUKOVIRUSES 1978-80, & was see ONCOGENIC VIRUSES 1975-77; ONCOVIRUSES, TYPE C was heading 1991-93, was C-TYPE VIRUSES 1974-90 (Prov 1972-73); C-TYPE VIRUSES was see ONCOVIRUSES, TYPE C 1991-93; LEUKOVIRUSES was see ONCOVIRUSES, TYPE C 1991-93, was see ONCOGENIC VIRUSES 1975-77, was heading 1978-90, was see RETROVIRIDAE 1981-90; TYPE C ONCOVIRUSES & TYPE C ONCORNAVIRUSES were see ONCOVIRUSES, TYPE C 1991-93 
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