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Descritor Inglês:   Rickettsia 
Descritor Espanhol:   Rickettsia 
Descritor Português:   Rickettsia 
Categoria:   B03.660.050.783.875.650.650
Definição Inglês:   A genus of gram-negative, aerobic, rod-shaped bacteria often surrounded by a protein microcapsular layer and slime layer. The natural cycle of its organisms generally involves a vertebrate and an invertebrate host. Species of the genus are the etiological agents of human diseases, such as typhus. 
Nota de Indexação Inglês:   classified with bacteria; infection = RICKETTSIA INFECTIONS or their specifics: see notes on species terms for various infections; Rickettsia quintana infection = TRENCH FEVER; RICKETTSIA TSUTSUGAMUSHI see ORIENTIA TSUTSUGAMUSHI is available
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CH chemistry CL classification
CY cytology DE drug effects
EN enzymology GE genetics
GD growth & development IM immunology
IP isolation & purification ME metabolism
PY pathogenicity PH physiology
RE radiation effects UL ultrastructure
VI virology  
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