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Descriptor English:   Chaperonin 60 
Descriptor Spanish:   Chaperonina 60 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Chaperonina 60 
Synonyms English:   GroEL Protein
GroEL Stress Protein
Heat Shock Protein 60
Heat Shock Proteins 60
Heat-Shock Protein 60
Heat-Shock Proteins 60
hsp60 Family
hsp60 Protein  
Tree Number:   D08.811.
Definition English:   A group I chaperonin protein that forms the barrel-like structure of the chaperonin complex. It is an oligomeric protein with a distinctive structure of fourteen subunits, arranged in two rings of seven subunits each. The protein was originally studied in BACTERIA where it is commonly referred to as GroEL protein. 
Indexing Annotation English:   coordinate with MITOCHONDRIAL PROTEINS or BACTERIAL PROTEINS if pertinent
History Note English:   1995(1989) 
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