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Descriptor English:   Disabled Persons 
Descriptor Spanish:   Personas con Discapacidad 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Pessoas com DeficiÍncia 
Synonyms English:   Disabilities, People with
Disabilities, Persons with
Disability, Persons with
Disabled Person
Disabled, Physically
Handicapped, Physically
People with Disabilities
People with Disability
Person, Disabled
Persons with Disabilities
Persons with Disability
Persons, Disabled
Physically Challenged
Physically Disabled
Physically Handicapped  
Tree Number:   M01.150
Definition English:   Persons with physical or mental disabilities that affect or limit their activities of daily living and that may require special accommodations. 
Indexing Annotation English:   as GEN or unspecified includes both physical & mental disability; prefer specifics (VISUALLY IMPAIRED PERSONS; HEARING IMPAIRED PERSONS; MENTALLY DISABLED PERSONS) emotionally disabled = MENTAL DISORDERS or specific; /educ permitted but is probably EDUCATION, SPECIAL or MAINSTREAMING (EDUCATION); /rehabil permitted; DF: DISABLED
See Related English:   Dental Care for Disabled
Early Intervention (Education)
Education, Special
Employment, Supported
Mainstreaming (Education)
Self-Help Devices
History Note English:   98(63) 
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CL classification ED education
HI history LJ legislation & jurisprudence
PX psychology RH rehabilitation
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Unique Identifier:   D006233 

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