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Descriptor English:   Genes, erbA 
Descriptor Spanish:   Genes erbA 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Genes erbA 
Synonyms English:   Gene, THRA
Gene, THRB
Genes, THRA
Genes, THRB
Genes, TR alpha
Genes, TR beta
Genes, TR-alpha
Genes, TR-beta
Genes, erbA alpha
Genes, erbA beta
Genes, erbA-alpha
Genes, erbA-beta
THRA Genes
THRB Genes
TR alpha Gene
TR alpha Genes
TR beta Gene
TR beta Genes
TR-alpha Gene
TR-alpha Genes
TR-beta Gene
TR-beta Genes
alpha Gene, TR
alpha Gene, erbA
alpha Genes, TR
alpha Genes, erbA
beta Gene, TR
beta Gene, erbA
beta Genes, TR
beta Genes, erbA
c erbA Genes
c erbA Proto Oncogenes
c-erbA Gene
c-erbA Genes
c-erbA Proto-Oncogene
c-erbA Proto-Oncogenes
erbA Gene
erbA Genes
erbA alpha Gene
erbA alpha Genes
erbA beta Gene
erbA beta Genes
erbA-alpha Gene
erbA-alpha Genes
erbA-beta Gene
erbA-beta Genes
v erbA Genes
v erbA Oncogenes
v-erbA Gene
v-erbA Genes
v-erbA Oncogene
v-erbA Oncogenes  
Tree Number:   G05.360.340.024.340.375.500.791.290
Definition English:   Genes related to the erbA DNA sequence that was first isolated from the avian erythroblastosis virus (ERYTHROBLASTOSIS VIRUS, AVIAN), v-erbA. In cells, erbA genes encode thyroid hormone receptors (RECEPTORS, THYROID HORMONE). Two distinct c-erbA genes have been identified: erbA-alpha located at 17q21; and erbA-beta located at 3p24. Truncations at the N- and C-terminals of erbA result in products resembling v-erbA. Truncations affect hormone responsiveness but not DNA binding capacity. 
Indexing Annotation English:   erbA stands for "ERythroBlastosis virus, Avian"; GENES, ERBB & its specifics are also available; in titles & translations spell as erbA
See Related English:   Oncogene Proteins v-erbA
Receptors, Thyroid Hormone
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