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Descriptor English:   Antibodies, Heterophile 
Descriptor Spanish:   Anticuerpos Heterófilos 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Anticorpos Heterófilos 
Synonyms English:   Antibodies, Heterogenetic
Antibodies, Heterologous
Antibodies, Heterophil
Antibodies, Heterotypic
Antibodies, Xenogeneic
Antibodies, Xenogenic
Antibody, Forssman
Forssman Antibody
H-D Antibodies
Hanganutziu-Deicher Antibodies
Heterogenetic Antibodies
Heterologous Antibodies
Heterophil Antibodies
Heterophile Antibodies
Heterotypic Antibodies
P-B Antibodies
Paul-Bunnell Antibodies
Xenogeneic Antibodies
Xenogenic Antibodies  
Tree Number:   D12.776.124.486.485.114.191
Definition English:   Antibodies elicited in a different species from which the antigen originated. These antibodies are directed against a wide variety of interspecies-specific antigens, the best known of which are Forssman, Hanganutziu-Deicher (H-D), and Paul-Bunnell (P-B). Incidence of antibodies to these antigens--i.e., the phenomenon of heterophile antibody response--is useful in the serodiagnosis, pathogenesis, and prognosis of infection and latent infectious states as well as in cancer classification. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not coordinate with ANTIBODY FORMATION for /biosyn
Pharmacological Action:   Immunologic Factors
History Note English:   1987 (1964) 
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Record Number:   19387 
Unique Identifier:   D000910 

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