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Descriptor English:   Hepatitis B e Antigens 
Descriptor Spanish:   Antígenos e de la Hepatitis B 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Antígenos E da Hepatite B 
Synonyms English:   Antigens, Hepatitis Be
Antigens, e
Be Antigens, Hepatitis
HBe Ag-1
HBe Ag-2
Hepatitis Be Antigens
e Antigens  
Tree Number:   D23.050.327.495.500.469
Definition English:   A closely related group of antigens found in the plasma only during the infective phase of hepatitis B or in virulent chronic hepatitis B, probably indicating active virus replication; there are three subtypes which may exist in a complex with immunoglobulins G. 
History Note English:   87(81); was see under HEPATITIS B ANTIGENS 1981-86 
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Unique Identifier:   D006513 

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