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Descriptor English:   Hair Cells, Ampulla 
Descriptor Spanish:   CÚlulas Ciliadas Ampollares 
Descriptor Portuguese:   CÚlulas Ciliadas da Ampola 
Synonyms English:   Ampulla Hair Cell
Ampulla Hair Cells
Ampullary Hair Cell
Ampullary Hair Cells
Hair Cell, Ampulla
Hair Cell, Ampullary
Hair Cells, Ampullary  
Tree Number:   A09.246.300.663.500.500
Definition English:   Sensory cells in the ampullary crest of each of the semicircular ducts, with their apical STEREOCILIA embedded in a wedge-shaped gelatinous cupula. These hair cells sense the movement of ENDOLYMPH resulting from angular acceleration of the head, and send signals via the VESTIBULAR NERVE to the brain to maintain balance. 
See Related English:   Stereocilia
History Note English:   2008 
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