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Descriptor English:   Hemibody Irradiation 
Descriptor Spanish:   Irradiación de Hemicuerpo 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Irradiação Hemicorpórea 
Synonyms English:   Half Body Irradiation
Half-Body Irradiation
Half-Body Irradiations
Hemi Body Irradiation
Hemi-Body Irradiation
Hemi-Body Irradiations
Hemibody Irradiation, Sequential
Hemibody Irradiation, Systemic
Hemibody Irradiations
Hemibody Irradiations, Sequential
Hemibody Irradiations, Systemic
Irradiation, Half Body
Irradiation, Half-Body
Irradiation, Hemi-Body
Irradiation, Hemibody
Irradiation, Sequential Hemibody
Irradiation, Systemic Hemibody
Irradiations, Half-Body
Irradiations, Hemi-Body
Irradiations, Hemibody
Irradiations, Sequential Hemibody
Irradiations, Systemic Hemibody
Sequential Hemibody Irradiation
Sequential Hemibody Irradiations
Systemic Hemibody Irradiation
Systemic Hemibody Irradiations  
Tree Number:   E02.815.270
Definition English:   Irradiation of one half or both halves of the body in the treatment of disseminated cancer or widespread metastases. It is used to treat diffuse metastases in one session as opposed to multiple fields over an extended period. The more frequent treatment modalities are upper hemibody irradiation (UHBI) or lower hemibody irradiation (LHBI). Less common is mid-body irradiation (MBI). In the treatment of both halves of the body sequentially, hemibody irradiation permits radiotherapy of the whole body with larger doses of radiation than could be accomplished with WHOLE-BODY IRRADIATION. It is sometimes called "systemic" hemibody irradiation with reference to its use in widespread cancer or metastases. (P. Rubin et al. Cancer, Vol 55, p2210, 1985) 
Indexing Annotation English:   in radiother coord IM with disease /radiother (IM); for hemibody irrad experiments, see note on WHOLE-BODY IRRADIATION; DF: HEMIBODY IRRAD
See Related English:   Whole-Body Irradiation
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