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Descriptor English:   Sarcoma Viruses, Feline 
Descriptor Spanish:   Virus del Sarcoma Felino 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Vírus do Sarcoma Felino 
Synonyms English:   Feline Sarcoma Virus, Gardner Arnstein
Feline Sarcoma Virus, Gardner-Arnstein
Feline Sarcoma Virus, Hardy Zuckerman
Feline Sarcoma Virus, Hardy-Zuckerman
Feline Sarcoma Virus, Snyder Theilen
Feline Sarcoma Virus, Snyder-Theilen
Feline Sarcoma Viruses
Gardner Arnstein feline sarcoma virus
Gardner-Arnstein feline sarcoma virus
Hardy Zuckerman feline sarcoma virus
Hardy-Zuckerman feline sarcoma virus
Sarcoma Virus, Feline, Gardner-Arnstein
Sarcoma Virus, Feline, Hardy-Zuckerman
Sarcoma Virus, Feline, Snyder-Theilen
Snyder Theilen feline sarcoma virus
Snyder-Theilen feline sarcoma virus  
Tree Number:   B04.265.590
Definition English:   Species of GAMMARETROVIRUS isolated from fibrosarcoma in cats. The viruses are actually recombinant feline leukemia viruses (FeLV) where part of the genome has been replaced by cellular oncogenes. It is unique to individuals and not transmitted naturally to other cats. FeSVs are replication defective and require FeLV to reproduce. 
Indexing Annotation English:   infection: coordinate IM with RETROVIRIDAE INFECTIONS (IM) + TUMOR VIRUS INFECTIONS (IM); add SARCOMA, EXPERIMENTAL (IM), SARCOMA (IM), or FIBROSARCOMA (IM) if pertinent; DF: FESV
History Note English:   2002 (1975) 
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Record Number:   31836 
Unique Identifier:   D005253 

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