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Descriptor English:   Head-Down Tilt 
Descriptor Spanish:   Inclinación de Cabeza 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Decúbito Inclinado com Rebaixamento da Cabeça 
Synonyms English:   Head Down Tilt
Position, Trendelenburg
Tilt, Head-Down
Trendelenburg Position  
Tree Number:   G11.427.695.300
Definition English:   Posture while lying with the head lower than the rest of the body. Extended time in this position is associated with temporary physiologic disturbances. 
Indexing Annotation English:   not restricted to space flight; /adv eff /physiol permitted
See Related English:   Tilt-Table Test
History Note English:   95 
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AE adverse effects PH physiology
Record Number:   32208 
Unique Identifier:   D018475 

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