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Descriptor English:   Health Care Coordination and Monitoring 
Descriptor Spanish:   Regulación y Fiscalización en Salud 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Regulação e Fiscalização em Saúde 
Synonyms English:   Health Care Coordination and Control
Health Care Coordination and Inspection
Health Care Coordination and Supervision
Health Care Coordination and Surveillance
Health Care Regulation and Control
Health Care Regulation and Inspection
Health Care Regulation and Monitoring
Health Care Regulation and Supervision
Health Care Regulation and Surveillance
Health Coordination and Control
Health Coordination and Monitoring
Health Coordination and Supervision
Health Regulation and Control
Health Regulation and Inspection
Health Regulation and Surveillance
Healthcare Coordination and Control
Healthcare Coordination and Inspection
Healthcare Coordination and Monitoring
Healthcare Coordination and Surveillance
Healthcare Regulation and Control
Healthcare Regulation and Inspection
Healthcare Regulation and Surveillance  
Tree Number:   SP1.011.127
Definition English:   An essential role in public health, whose objective is to develop and/or improve regulatory frameworks and laws, as well as the implementation of activities to ensure compliance with the regulation in a consistent and complete manner. (Free translation from the original: OPAS/OMS, 2002) 
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