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Descriptor English:   Health Surveillance 
Descriptor Spanish:   Vigilancia Sanitaria 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Vigilância Sanitária 
Synonyms English:   Health Control
Sanitary Surveillance
Sanitary Vigilance
Sanitation Vigilance  
Tree Number:   SP9.160.030.030
Definition English:   A set of measures that are capable of eliminating, reducing or preventing health risks and of intervening in sanitation problems resulting from the environment, production and transportation of goods and the rendering of services that are of interest to health. Note: Health surveillance (or sanitation, or vigilance) includes: (i) control of consumption goods that are directly or indirectly related to health, in all stages of production and consumption; (ii) control over the rending of services that are directly or indirectly related to health (Law 8080 of September 19, 1990, Brazil). 
Indexing Annotation English:   GEN; prefer specifics; food: coord (IM) with FOOD or specific food (IM); cosmetics: coord (IM) with COSMETICS or specific cosmetic (IM), etc
See Related English:   Consumer Product Safety
Health Facility Closure
Public Health Surveillance
Street Drugs
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