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Descriptor English:   Heart Bypass, Left 
Descriptor Spanish:   Puente Cardíaco Izquierdo 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Derivação Cardíaca Esquerda 
Synonyms English:   Bypass, Left Heart
Bypasses, Left Heart
Heart Bypasses, Left
Left Heart Bypass
Left Heart Bypasses  
Tree Number:   E04.292.465
Definition English:   Diversion of the flow of blood from the pulmonary veins directly to the aorta, avoiding the left atrium and the left ventricle (Dorland, 27th ed). This is a temporary procedure usually performed to assist other surgical procedures. 
Indexing Annotation English:   temporary, a form of extracorp circ diverting blood from left atrium: differentiate from HEART BYPASS, RIGHT, a permanent form of heart surg, & from CARDIOPULMONARY BYPASS, another type of extracorp circ diverting blood from right atrium
History Note English:   95 
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