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Descriptor English:   Heat-Shock Response 
Descriptor Spanish:   Respuesta al Choque Térmico 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Resposta ao Choque Térmico 
Synonyms English:   Heat Shock
Heat Shock Reaction
Heat Shock Response
Heat Shock Stress
Heat Shock Stresses
Heat Shocks
Heat Stress
Heat Stress Reaction
Heat Stress Response
Heat Stresses
Heat-Shock Reaction
Heat-Shock Reactions
Heat-Shock Responses
Heat-Stress Reaction
Heat-Stress Reactions
Heat-Stress Response
Heat-Stress Responses
Shock, Heat
Stress, Heat
Stress, Heat Shock  
Tree Number:   G07.775.500
Definition English:   A sequence of responses that occur when an organism is exposed to excessive heat. In humans, an increase in skin temperature triggers muscle relaxation, sweating, and vasodilation. 
See Related English:   Heat-Shock Proteins
History Note English:   1996 
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