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Descriptor English:   T-Lymphocytes, Helper-Inducer 
Descriptor Spanish:   Linfocitos T Colaboradores-Inductores 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Linfócitos T Auxiliares-Indutores 
Synonyms English:   Helper Cell
Helper Cells
Helper Inducer T Lymphocytes
Helper T Cells
Helper T-Cell
Helper T-Cells
Helper T-Lymphocyte
Helper T-Lymphocytes
Helper-Inducer T-Cell
Helper-Inducer T-Cells
Helper-Inducer T-Lymphocyte
Helper-Inducer T-Lymphocytes
Inducer Cell
Inducer Cells
Inducer T-Lymphocyte
Inducer T-Lymphocytes
T Cells, Helper Inducer
T Lymphocytes, Helper
T Lymphocytes, Helper Inducer
T Lymphocytes, Inducer
T-Cell, Helper
T-Cell, Helper-Inducer
T-Cells, Helper
T-Cells, Helper-Inducer
T-Lymphocyte, Helper
T-Lymphocyte, Helper-Inducer
T-Lymphocyte, Inducer
T-Lymphocytes, Helper
T-Lymphocytes, Inducer  
Tree Number:   A11.118.637.555.567.550.500.400
Definition English:   Subpopulation of CD4+ lymphocytes that cooperate with other lymphocytes (either T or B) to initiate a variety of immune functions. For example, helper-inducer T-cells cooperate with B-cells to produce antibodies to thymus-dependent antigens and with other subpopulations of T-cells to initiate a variety of cell-mediated immune functions. 
Indexing Annotation English:   subpopulations: coordinate IM with T-LYMPHOCYTE SUBSETS (IM)
See Related English:   Interleukin-2
Lymphocyte Cooperation
History Note English:   93; was HELPER CELLS 1983-92; was see T-LYMPHOCYTES 1979-82; was see LYMPHOCYTE COOPERATION 1978 
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