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Descriptor English:   Hemagglutinins 
Descriptor Spanish:   Hemaglutininas 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Hemaglutininas 
Synonyms English:   Exohemagglutinins
Tree Number:   D27.505.696.477.136.377
Definition English:   Agents that cause agglutination of red blood cells. They include antibodies, blood group antigens, lectins, autoimmune factors, bacterial, viral, or parasitic blood agglutinins, etc. 
Indexing Annotation English:   restrict to erythrocytes: leukoagglutinins are indexed under AGGLUTININS (IM) + LEUKOCYTES or specific with /immunol (IM)
History Note English:   81(75); was see under AGGLUTININS 1975-80, was see under ANTIBODIES 1968-74, was see ANTIBODIES 1963-67 
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