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Topical Qualifier English:   /genetics 
Topical Qualifier Spanish:   /genética 
Topical Qualifier Portuguese:   /genética 
Synonyms English:   heredity  
Definition English:   Used for mechanisms of heredity and the genetics of organisms, for the genetic basis of normal and pathologic states, and for the genetic aspects of endogenous chemicals. It includes biochemical and molecular influence on genetic material. 
Indexing Annotation English:   subhead only; includes "heredity"; with organisms for genetic discussions; with diseases for the genetic basis & means of inheritance; with endogenous chemicals only for their genetic aspects; indexing policy: Manual 19.8.34; DF: /genet or /GE
Abbreviation: GE 
History Note English:   78; /familial & genetic was subheading 1966-88; used with Category B, D6, D8-13 & D24 1978-86; B, D6, D8-13, D24, AGING, CLIMACTERIC+, DRUG RESISTANCE+, PIGMENTATION+ & PUBERTY+ 1987-88; B, C, D6, D8-13, D24, F3, AGING, CLIMACTERIC+, DRUG RESISTANCE+, ETHNIC GROUPS+, PIGMENTATION+, PUBERTY+ & RACIAL STOCKS+ 1989; B, C, D8-9, D11-13, D24, F3 & G4-12 1990 forward 
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