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Descriptor English:   Laws of Cure in Homeopathy 
Descriptor Spanish:   Leyes de la Curación en Homeopatía 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Leis de Cura em Homeopatia 
Synonyms English:   Cure Laws
Hering Laws
Therapeutic Reactions  
Tree Number:   HP1.007.072.067
Definition English:   Clinical observations in Homeopathy indicating that the homeopathic cure process has been established. Synthesized by Henring, they explain the movement of symptoms during the homeopathic treatment: from more important organs to less significant ones; from deeper to more superficial organs; from upwards to downwards; from the centre to more peripheral areas; and the recurrence of symptoms in an inverted order from their first appearance to their subsequent disapperance. 
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Defensive and Curative Mechanisms
Return of Old Symptoms
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