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Descriptor English:   Herpesvirus 2, Bovine 
Descriptor Spanish:   Herpesvirus Bovino 2 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Herpesvirus Bovino 2 
Synonyms English:   Allerton Virus
BHM Virus
Bovine Herpes Mammillitis Virus
Bovine Herpesvirus 2
Bovine Mamillitis Virus
Bovine Mamillitis Viruses
Bovine Ulcerative Mammillitis Virus
Herpes Mammillitis Virus, Bovine
Herpesvirus 2 (alpha), Bovine
Mamillitis Virus, Bovine
Mamillitis Viruses, Bovine
Ulcerative Mammillitis Virus, Bovine
Virus, Bovine Mamillitis
Viruses, Bovine Mamillitis  
Tree Number:   B04.280.382.100.750.200
Definition English:   A species of SIMPLEXVIRUS causing mammillitis in cattle in Great Britain and South Africa. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse with HERPESVIRUS 1, BOVINE; infection: coord IM with HERPES SIMPLEX (IM)
History Note English:   94; was BOVINE ULCERATIVE MAMMILLITIS VIRUS 1975-93 (see under HERPESVIRIDAE 1981-90, see under HERPESVIRUSES 1975-80); ALLERTON VIRUS INFECTIONS was indexed under LUMPY SKIN DISEASE 1970-76 
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