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Descriptor English:   Heteroduplex Analysis 
Descriptor Spanish:   Análisis Heterodúplex 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Análise Heteroduplex 
Synonyms English:   Analyses, Heteroduplex
Analysis, Heteroduplex
Heteroduplex Analyses  
Tree Number:   E05.393.661.250
Definition English:   A method of detecting gene mutation by mixing PCR-amplified mutant and wild-type DNA followed by denaturation and reannealing. The resultant products are resolved by gel electrophoresis, with single base substitutions detectable under optimal electrophoretic conditions and gel formulations. Large base pair mismatches may also be analyzed by using electron microscopy to visualize heteroduplex regions. 
See Related English:   Base Pair Mismatch
Nucleic Acid Heteroduplexes
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