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Descriptor English:   Immunity, Heterologous 
Descriptor Spanish:   Inmunidad Heteróloga 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Imunidade Heteróloga 
Synonyms English:   Heterologous Effects of Vaccine
Heterologous Effects of Vaccines
Heterologous Immunity
Immunity, Non-Targeted
Non Specific Effects of Vaccine
Non Specific Effects of Vaccines
Non Target Heterologous Effects of Vaccine
Non Target Heterologous Effects of Vaccines
Non Targeted Immunity
Non-Specific Effects of Vaccine
Non-Specific Effects of Vaccines
Non-Target Heterologous Effects of Vaccine
Non-Target Heterologous Effects of Vaccines
Non-Targeted Immunity
Off Target Effects of Vaccine
Off Target Effects of Vaccines
Vaccine Heterologous Effect
Vaccine Heterologous Effects
Vaccine Non-Specific Effect
Vaccine Non-Specific Effects
Vaccines Heterologous Effect
Vaccines Heterologous Effects
Vaccines Non-Specific Effect
Vaccines Non-Specific Effects  
Tree Number:   G12.450.418
Definition English:   The immunological phenomenon by which exposure to some organisms or vaccines can profoundly alter the host's response to subsequent exposure to unrelated (heterologous) organisms or vaccines. 
See Related English:   Cross Protection
Cross Reactions
History Note English:   2014 
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