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Descriptor English:   Immunity, Heterologous 
Descriptor Spanish:   Inmunidad Heteróloga 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Imunidade Heteróloga 
Synonyms English:   Heterologous Effects of Vaccine
Heterologous Effects of Vaccines
Non-Specific Effects of Vaccine
Non-Specific Effects of Vaccines
Non-Target Heterologous Effects of Vaccine
Non-Target Heterologous Effects of Vaccines
Non-Targeted Immunity
Off Target Effects of Vaccine
Off Target Effects of Vaccines
Immunity, Non-Targeted
Non Specific Effects of Vaccine
Non Specific Effects of Vaccines
Non Target Heterologous Effects of Vaccine
Non Target Heterologous Effects of Vaccines
Non Targeted Immunity
Vaccine Heterologous Effect
Vaccine Heterologous Effects
Vaccine Non-Specific Effect
Vaccine Non-Specific Effects
Vaccines Heterologous Effect
Vaccines Heterologous Effects
Vaccines Non-Specific Effect
Vaccines Non-Specific Effects
Heterologous Immunity  
Tree Number:   G12.450.418
Definition English:   The immunological phenomenon by which exposure to some organisms or vaccines can profoundly alter the host's response to subsequent exposure to unrelated (heterologous) organisms or vaccines. 
See Related English:   Cross Protection
Cross Reactions
History Note English:   2014 
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