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Descriptor English:   Nurses, Community Health 
Descriptor Spanish:   Enfermeras de Salud Comunitaria 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Enfermeiras de Saúde Comunitária 
Synonyms English:   Community Health Nurse
Community Health Nurses
Health Visitor
Health Visitors
Home Health Nurse
Home Health Nurses
Home Nurse
Home Nurses
Nurse, Community Health
Nurse, Home
Nurse, Home Health
Nurse, Visiting
Nurses, Home
Nurses, Home Health
Nurses, Visiting
Visiting Nurse
Visiting Nurses  
Tree Number:   M01.526.485.650.655
Definition English:   Nurses whose work combines elements of both primary care nursing and public health practice and takes place primarily outside the therapeutic institution. Primary nursing care is directed to individuals, families, or groups in their natural settings within communities. 
History Note English:   2014 
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