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Descriptor English:   Quinacrine Mustard 
Descriptor Spanish:   Mostaza de Quinacrina 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Mostarda de Quinacrina 
Synonyms English:   Acrichine Yperite
Mustard, Quinacrine
Yperite, Acrichine  
Tree Number:   D02.455.526.728.650.760
Definition English:   Nitrogen mustard analog of quinacrine used primarily as a stain in the studies of chromosomes and chromatin. Fluoresces by reaction with nucleic acids in chromosomes. 
Indexing Annotation English:   D25-26 qualif
Pharmacological Action:   Fluorescent Dyes
History Note English:   91(75); was see under QUINACRINE 1975-90 
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Unique Identifier:   D011797 

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