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Descriptor English:   Tissue Expansion Devices 
Descriptor Spanish:   Dispositivos de Expansión Tisular 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Dispositivos para Expansão de Tecidos 
Synonyms English:   Device, Tissue Expansion
Devices, Tissue Expansion
Expander, Tissue
Expander, Vacuum Tissue
Expanders, Tissue
Expanders, Vacuum Tissue
Tissue Expander
Tissue Expander, Vacuum
Tissue Expanders
Tissue Expanders, Vacuum
Tissue Expansion Device
Vacuum Tissue Expander
Vacuum Tissue Expanders  
Tree Number:   E07.695.800
Definition English:   Devices used to generate extra soft tissue in vivo to be used in surgical reconstructions. They exert stretching forces on the tissue and thus stimulate new growth and result in TISSUE EXPANSION. They are commonly inflatable reservoirs, usually made of silicone, which are implanted under the tissue and gradually inflated. Other tissue expanders exert stretching forces by attaching to outside of the body, for example, vacuum tissue expanders. Once the tissue has grown, the expander is removed and the expanded tissue is used to cover the area being reconstructed. 
See Related English:   Tissue Expansion
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